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The sense of touch is extremely important for sexuality. Sensual massage is a way to incorporate the sense of touch into sexual activity. It is used by couples all over the world as a way to enhance romantic and sexual life. Beyond the sexual aspects, sensual massage also provides health benefits.
Sensual massage is the use of hands and body to stimulate the sense of touch of a partner. It is considered a way to simultaneously relax and excite both members of a couple, and is commonly thought of as a healthy way to enhance a couple's sex life. Benefits include improving intimacy between the couple and improving lovemaking.
The history of sensual massage is extremely long. This type of touch was widespread in Eastern cultures, including China and India, as far back as 1,500 to 2,000 years ago. In India, specific forms of sensual massage, such as tantric massage, were developed to include a spiritual aspect as well as a physical aspect. While massage in the Western world was mainly traditionally used for medicinal or healing purposes instead of sensuality, modern couples are rediscovering the use of massage as part of sexuality.
The tools used for sensual massage can incorporate many different sensations into the massage if desired. Many people use special oils or creams designed for massage. Some of these contain scents that help relax or stimulate the recipient, while others are simple oils, such as a basic almond oil, which helps keep the movement of the giver's hands over the recipient's body smooth and flowing. Some people giving a sensual massage incorporate items with different textures to increase the sensations of the massage. These can include feathers or different types of cloth, such as silk or velvet.

Several techniques can be used in sensual massage. Some of the most popular are the fan stroke, circle strokes and stretching strokes. Generally, a sensual massage will begin with softer stroke variants to soothe and relax the recipient and move into stronger or harder techniques as the massage progresses.
Physiological Effects
Sensual massage is healthy as well as sexy, and the physical effects become part of the experience. Sensual massage boosts blood flow all across the body. It also reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body and increases oxytocin, a hormone involved with feelings of affection and bonding. Regular massage can also lead to improved immune function and better general health overall.

I apply an integrated approach to Massage Therapy to achieve the best and longest lasting results. My sessions are typically Pleasure, relaxing and therapeutic. I will conduct an interview to determine your needs and tailor a session specific to you and to your needs. I incorporate various techniques including specializing in Deep tissue, relaxation and therapeutic restoration is a natural extension of my desire to give to those around me. I am trained in Sensual massage and offer a variety of techniques to soothe, relax and rejuvenate your tired body, mind and spirit. Also I do body scrubs too. if you need i can attend on you no doubt. 
Location: Visit your home or hotel
Customers: Only females
Basic Massage Duration: 2 hours
Massage: Oil Massage
Experience: Since 2008

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